What is Andrson?

Andrson is the solution to the music industry’s largest problem—digital A&R. We use predictive analytics and audio AI to link unsigned, unmonetized talent with music industry professionals. Think of us as the recruiters of the music industry.

Andrson uses audio fingerprinting and “fuzzy-matching,” techniques that allow us to compare new songs with our database of preexisting hits. We deliver a percentage-based likeness, or “near perfect” match. This means music execs discover—and monetize—new hit music fast.

Basically, if a label executive needs to find an act who
sounds at least 70% like Maroon 5, Andrson presents a
breakdown of all the artists on the app who fit that criteria.

About Us

We are artists and managers first. Andrson began in Dublin in 2017 with an idea scrawled on a napkin: to make new artist discovery easier. As musicians, we felt it was getting harder to be seen and heard. And as managers, we were spending too many hours searching social and music sites and navigating inaccurately tagged keywords. Most of our time was spent digging, instead of listening to music—which is what we love above all else.

We created Andrson to help musicians get discovered and to streamline the process for industry partners. And our company is founded on three core values:

1)Our passion for music and music discovery.

2)Our commitment to serving artists and industry by putting music first.

3)And accuracy—providing intelligent and relevant technology to improve digital A&R.

At Andrson we're using AI, audio analytics, and deep-learning to simplify the discovery process in-platform for you.

The Team

John Doe

Zach Miller-Frankel

Josh Clark

Neil Dunne

Mary Jane

Kara Golden

Marketing Director
Josh Clark

Carthach O Nuanain

Senior Developer
Josh Clark

Nikhil Raghunath

Junior Developer
Josh Clark

Sam White